Sunday, February 25, 2007

Catching Up (again)!

Being a responsible adult is sometimes so difficult that it is hard to remember how to have fun. Yesterday my mom and I went to the mall with Lucas, Jacob, and Maria. Julian was in class so we made these plans a few days ago. Lucas wanted to go to the candy shop to buy a piece of chocolate because Curious George goes to a candy shop and buys a piece of chocolate. We decided to go to the mall because besides the candy shop, Funtastic Park is there and that place is his favorite. I actually agreed even though I detest the mall here. I needed to get some moisturizer at the Clinique counter at Macys. We went to the candy shop and got some gummies. YUM!!!! Funtastic Park was not open yet so I had to go to the bookstore. I cannot be so close to the bookstore and not go in! I got two new books...that makes somewhere around 10 new books this month! Lucas and I went to Funtastic Park and bought tickets to ride the carousel. He chose the "JarJar" (jaguar) first. I hopped on the pony next to him. I tried to convince him to ride by himself the second time, but he said, "No, Nini, I NEED you." Then looks at me with those eyes of his. Who can resist those eyes? I put him on the elephant then sat in front of him on the bench. Great reminder of what it was like as a and without worries. Not that I will be riding the carousel more often, but it was an eye-opener to stop and smell the flowers.

I went to my first 5K run/walk last Saturday. It was in support of Read-a-thon and Anita convinced Christine and I to join her, Rosita, and Jean. Up at 4:30 am for that. YIKES! I was so tired by 11am, but didn't get a nap in until later in the afternoon.

Last Sunday was our annual parish picnic. Sort of like Fat Tuesday on Sunday since we always have it right before Ash Wednesday. It was at Ypao Beach. We sun avoiders actually went! Mark brought a few of his folding chairs and set up under a shady tree. The boys went into the water and somehow I ended up in there as well...from the thighs down anyway. Got some great pictures!

Here's to hoping that another month doesn't pass by before I update this blog!