Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life Year 38 | Weeks 7-10

Another epic Project Life Year 38 post. I had intended on posting weeks 7 and 8 last weekend, but I wasn't home long enough to get pictures taken and uploaded. The late nights and busy days started on Wednesday and ended on Sunday night. Five days of getting home late (or not at all as was the case on Thursday). I spent the beginning of this week feeling a little hung over...and I wasn't even drunk!

Week 7...

A successful parent training in one of the southern communities. Evan's 1st birthday and meeting my god sisters for the first time. Setting the calendar from February through August at work. Used my silhouette cameo to cut "Celebrate Life", "Celebrate this" and the circles cutout.

An Erica Hernandez freebie file for the February calendar. Ali Edwards digi brushes and stamps.

Week 8...
Dinner and dessert with Anita. Made diaper tryke #1 for Tam's baby shower later in the week. My to do list. Ali Edwards digi brushes and stamps, Studio Calico Number border stamp.

My washi tape order (10 rolls!). My first visit to Spinn N Play. A pictureless Thursday. The BEST donuts around. Silhouette cameo cutout.

Week 9...

Grocery shopping and dinner with Friends on a Saturday. Lazy Sunday and my view on the way to KFC.

Weights at the gym...being a wuss. Valentine's day and my Studio Calico February kit. Driving home from work close to 8:00pm...more than 12 hours after I left home in the morning. The night that never ended...and a day that began with new life. Happy Birthday, Aiden Seth! Auntie Vera LOVES you! His birth story isn't something I want to share with the world since it's not my story to tell so it's inside the birth stats folder (cut that with my silhouette). Printables from here and here. I used a sketch pen with my silhouette to write the birth stats.

Week 10...
Academy songfest. Parish picnic. Dinner at Teena's. Apple turnovers from Napoleon's Bakery in Honolulu. Printables from here, here and here. I realized after I took the picture that I forgot the date range card. Will put that in later.

A self portrait of me for the month. Three of my co-workers decided to be funny and block my car in. A shocking front page (for our family at least). Diaper tryke #2 for Aiden Seth! I used my February Studio Calico kit as well as the Project Life "Epic" and "Awesome" that they had and sold out of in record time. Also used a few Amy Tangerine stickers, an old Jillibean Soup arrow, a silhouette cameo cut out and Studio Calico Bull's eye stamp from January.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I used to be one of those know the kind... the one who disdained Valentine's Day as just another Hallmark holiday highly marketed by Madison Avenue. Some may think it stemmed from bitterness. The bitter taste of not having a significant other with whom to celebrate the day. Maybe so... But, maybe I just didn't get why it took a certain day of the year for significant others to remember to lavish love on their loved one. Shouldn't love be celebrated every day?

As an elementary school teacher, I've been the recipient of many a Valentine. From tear apart cards to well thought out letters to pieces of candy to full on large boxes of that sugary concoction, I've gotten it all. I would don black on February 14 and carry on with my day as if it was just any other day. Until one year...

I was teaching 4th grade at the time. February 14 dawned just like any other day, only I made a conscious effort to remember to wear black. I got the bags full of candy and cards. My family loved holidays like this. But that one year, I got a card from my friend who worked across the hall. Ironically, it was a Hallmark card. Inside contained a lovely sentiment as well as a handwritten note. Basically, my friend told me that Valentine's Day wasn't just for couples. It was also a day to celebrate the love we have for our family and friends. Finally, someone had the guts to tell me to look at it from a different perspective.

Today, I made the conscious effort to wear red. And, when I received an email from a co-worker that someone was wearing black because he didn't have a valentine, it was my turn to share those words of wisdom.

I searched on pinterest for valentine printables and wrote a nice note to my co-worker. While I don't know just how much my words sunk in, at least I got a smile at him. And, before anyone else suggests (someone already beat you to the punch), he's way too young for me!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Year of online classes

When 2012 rolled around, Studio Calico rolled out online classes. So far, I've signed up for photo-a-day with Nicole Samuels, stretch your kit with Amy Tan, and happy little moments with Maggie Holmes. Nic's class is a year-long class and works perfectly with Project Life-Year 38. Amy's class runs for the month of February and teaches us how to stretch our kits using only the main kit. I combined my main and add-ons when I got my January box, so I'm using all of them. I wasn't going to sign up for Maggie's class, but Valerie posted pictures of her class kit and I was hooked.

Aside Studio Calico's classes, I signed up for 2 classes with Big Picture Classes. I am again attempting to complete One Little Word with Ali Edwards. I also signed up for Move More, Eat Well with Cathy Zielske. I will complete those class assignments before the month is up.

The beauty of online classes is that I don't have to be dressed and sitting at a desk to complete the lessons. I can be in my pjs or in bed and still get stuff done. It's refreshing to be on the other side of the desk...not being the one teaching. Of course, this is all fun stuff, but I do learn a lot in the process.

Here's a layout for the first Stretch Your Kit challenge. The challenge was to use a mask on your layout. I cut "enjoy this moment" with my silhouette cameo and used it as a mask with Mister Huey's classic calico.

I met my god sisters/cousins for the first time last weekend. They were living in Colorado and moved home a few months ago. While this island is small, it's still very easy to not see people you know often. I've blocked out their faces for privacy purposes.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Documenting | A Day in the Life

On Wednesday, I joined Ali Edwards and loads of scrappers in "A Day in the Life." Put simply, you take note and take pictures of the things that happen that day from sun up to lights out. It so happened that I took the day off to be at my mom's oral surgery.

I decided to use an Amy Tangerine Day Book from her inagural line. I had intended to use this particular one on something else, but suffice it to say it wasn't worth the beauty that is this book so I had to do some covering up.

Front cover:

Without the overlay. I misted the cover with Studio Calico Mister Huey's in Barnwood and cut the "Wednesday" word with my Silhouette Cameo. I used Ranger distress ink in Tea Dye on the outline.

Some cover up here... used both sets of the Amy Tangerine washi tapes and the gray asterisk washi tape from an old Studio Calico kit.

Ali shared a freebie file on Wednesday. I used the Silhouette cameo to cut it and used more Amy Tangerine washi tapes.

Used some Amy Tangerine Bits and remarks stickers. I also found old Jillibean Soup arrows and used one here.

Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but I was still half asleep since I was dressed AND ready to go right around the time I usually get out of bed.

More paper surgery here...

I printed a copy of the documentation sheets Ali shared last year for "A Week in the Life" and cut it apart to put into the book. I also used some silhouette cuts to dress up the front of the envelope in the middle of the book.

No pictures for the hours between 12 and 4 pm... I did nothing productive.

At the gym...waiting for Body Combat to begin!

I re-colored and printed a Life Stacks digital brush by Ali and put it in my book.

That's all folks!

Thank you, Ali, for sharing your great ideas with us. It helps me document my ever boring (or not) it may be.

In other news...

My cousin Jamie and her two children are heading back to Sydney, Australia after having been here for two months. I made this card using the January Studio Calico "County Fair" kit. The airplane was cut using an Amy Tangerine shape on my silhouette cameo. I also cut the words "see ya!" with the cameo and used the negative as a mask. Cloud stamps came from an old Studio Calico kit.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Project Life Year 38 | Weeks 5 and 6

Surprisingly it has been quite easy keeping up with this project. Some days are mundane...some days are exciting (at least to me).

Week 5 (left side)

Gas was $4.62 during week 5. I think it went up another 10 cents this week. sigh... I used some Ali Edwards digital brushes and stamps, Erica Hernandez digital, Pugly Pixel digital washi tape, Becky Higgins Cobalt core kit.

Week 5 (right side):

Used my silhouette to cut "week 5" using the blackout font, Erica Hernandez and Ali Edwards digi, a picture and quote I found online, and more cobalt core.

Week 6(left side):

My silhouette sure is getting a workout! Also used Ali Edwards digi, Cathy Zielske's freebie cards, Amy Tangerine washi, another freebie card I found online (when I find out what, I'll let you know), Pugly Pixel digi washi, and cobalt core.

Week 6 (right side):

I found the hexagon graph online and made my own 6x4 digi card using an Ali E digi set, Mari and David and CK Jot fonts. I also used another Ali E digi file (free on her website), more Cathy Z freebie cards, Smash washi and cobalt core.

Getting ready for a first birthday party full of family and what I hope will be more than hot dogs and hamburgers!