Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old Friends

This is the part of vacation that I love...meeting up with old friends. Yesterday I had lunch with an old college friend and her kids at Islands at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu. We haven't seen each for 3 years, but it's like no time passed. Today I will meet up with two friends from high school. One of them I haven't seen in YEARS. I can't remember how long. The other I saw on my last visit. That's the beauty of having a history with people. A long time can pass and you can pick up where you left off without the awkward pauses. That's how you know your true friends. I am so looking forward to seeing them!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

On vacation

After 24 hours of traveling...flying and layovers, Auntie Margaret, Mom and I made it to Minnesota in one piece. Something has to be said for the stellar service we received because of wheelchair requests. Mom stands tall at 4'7" and requires the use of a wheelchair to traverse far distances. From the door of the airplane to the next gate, we were ushered through lines and security without waiting. No long security lines. No long customs and immigration lines. Then add in the business elite or first class service (dependent on the flight and plane), we traveled with no headaches... the only glitch was not having the hotel shuttle phone number saved in my phone. Had to make a quick phone call to get the number and then waited a bit for them to show up. Lucky us, we were meeting up with family and were greeted at the hotel by Uncle Jimmy, Jes and Zach.

We already hit Old Chicago for dinner last night. The stromboli was delicious! We'll be back there for the rehearsal dinner on Friday. Did I mention we were here for a wedding? Jes and Zach tie the knot this weekend! That's the reason we traveled eleventy billion miles by plane to get here.

If I could I would post pictures of the business elite digs we were in. But, for now, picture laying flat on your back to sleep while the plane takes you across the Pacific from Tokyo to LA...