Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NOTE TO SELF...on the road

When I started working for Guam CEDDERS, I learned what "on the road" meant. In our organization, "on the road" means traveling. Never mind what I thought it meant! *smirk* I also learned that if you get sent to one place, chances are another conference or training will be found for you to attend since you're already "on the road."

So last week... I was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a 3-day training on early childhood environmental rating scales. I saw the airport, my hotel, Meadowmont Village, two preschools, Southpoint Mall and a lot of road. There wasn't much to see and no time for a tour.

This week I'm in Providence, Rhode Island for the National Association for the Education of Young Children conference. Lucky me, there's a mall next door to the convention center!

I've discovered a few things about being "on the road":
1. When packing the camera, remember to pack the extra battery AND the battery charger especially when you bring the battery-zapping Pivi Printer along. I found a back up battery charger at Wolf Camera but I wasn't going to spend $40.

2. Bring shoes you KNOW won't hurt your feet five minutes after you walk down the block. I brought a pair of shoes I've only worn twice and haven't broken them in. Luckily, Dansko had a booth in the exhibition hall and I bought a pair of shoes 20% off. They're not cute, but they're comfy!

3. Check the weather for ALL the places you're going and pack accordingly. I tried to pack clothes that I could wear to both the training and the conference. I wasn't worried about doing laundry since the hotel I stayed at in NC had guest laundry. It was HOT in NC and cooler in RI. I was NOT prepared for the cooler weather.

4. Pack shorts and a t-shirt for in-the-room down time. Nothing like having to put on the PJs to lounge in the room.

5. Pack one casual outfit. Nothing like walking in the heat in NC wearing dress pants and a blouse.

6. If you plan to scrapbook on the road and you bring your tiny attacher, make sure you pack some refills. It's not enough to buy the actually have to bring them.

7. Even if your computer bag can turn into a backpack, when you travel across the continental US, a rolling luggage thingy may be more suitable for lugging the computer and its accoutrements around. My arms have gone numb from the weight of my computer bag and carry on.

8. If traveling for work, pack a mini office with paper clips, tape, post its, highlighters, pencils, and pens. I usually have post its and pencils and didn't have any this time.

9. Examine your itinerary carefully. I knew about the overnight stay in Honolulu on the way home, but I sure didn't know about the stop in Philly on the way to Providence. Surprise!

10. Bring a light jacket just in case. I'm sure I look lovely walking around in dress pants, a blouse and my thin old navy sweatshirt which I just realized said "sleeping" on the tag. sigh....