Sunday, October 16, 2011

A LONG blog hiatus

this blog post is LONG overdue. i've started and deleted a few blog posts along the way. i get this way at least once a year...where i withdraw into myself for a bit and then come out of hiding. i haven't been posting much on facebook either. such is life. such is me. but on with it.

it's been busy around here since my last post. i've been working the last two saturdays teaching a class to child care providers. we have one more session this month and i get a break. then it's on to another 3-session class in november. i wish i could say i get paid extra, but i don't. i DO get flex time during the week, though. trying to decide when i will take off this week since i still have my regular job to attend to. maybe this week i'll get a pedicure!

i have managed to scrapbook a few layouts and finish 2 minis. i only got pictures of one of them. i signed up for Amy Tan's "The Good Life" class at big picture and have managed to somewhat keep up with the projects.

but, before i get to my amy tan projects, i have parts of a mini to show! when we were in korea, portugal and spain, i took lots of food pictures with the intent of making a food mini album. i used the studio calico boardwalk kit to make the whole album. i learned how to sew minis together when amy tan had a class on her blog, which is now at big picture classes.

seoul and portugal...


portugal and avila...

avila and burgos...

i didn't take pictures of all the pages...too many to take!

i also made a mini of the entire trip, but chose not to take pictures of that one. that one included boarding passes, tickets to events, brochures, and all sorts of other memorabilia. when i first returned from my trip, i made a photobook through shutterfly because i knew i would not have the time or the inclination to actually make layouts of the entire trip. shutterfly's custom path photobook was a godsend for me. i was able to put layouts together online and jot down tidbits i wanted to remember and then was able to share my link with friends who went on the trip.

i do have pictures printed of things that i do want to scrapbook from my trip, but the minis and the photobook contain the bulk of my memories.

here's one of me sitting by some statues. these statues were all around burgos and we thought it was great fun to take pictures with them. i used the studio calico field guide kit here.

i got a hair cut a few weeks ago. decided to see how bangs would look on me. i've been told i look younger...not what i was hoping for but it's nice to be mistaken for younger than my real age!

on to the amy tangerine projects...week 1

i made this reverse applique shirt for my friend annaliza's son's first birthday. it was a hit! took me about an hour from start to finish to get the letter traced, sewn and cut out.

here's my altered clipboard from week 2. nothing too fancy, but just right for me.

i uploaded my traveling gastronomy mini as my project for week 3.

that's all i have for now. tomorrow is already monday and it's going to be a busy one!