Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's been a while

Since I last blogged, A LOT has happened! Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Tina, Jessica, Jeremy and his family came for a ten-day visit. WE were BUSY the entire time they were here. I was so exhausted by the time they left. Did the beach thing, the drive to the southern end, and a day at PIC waterpark. Tried to line up a professional photographer to do a family picture, but had to settle for an amateur and so-so pictures.

Life as we know it is finally back to normal. It's amazing how much 8 additional people can change a routine! Got to do my regular Saturday routine errands. Got carded for buying Auntie Margaret cigarettes. A great feeling to know that when the cashiers look at me they're not sure just how old I am!

Got my hair cut today. Impulse thing really. Took my mom to get HER hair cut and just decided while I was sitting there that I needed something new. As long as I don't look 12.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

a five-minute conversation with Lucas

Five minutes. That's what it takes to get from his school to our neck of the woods. FIVE short minutes. Over the weekend, I got him one of those booster seats for my car. It was on sale at KMart and I was so wanting to get rid of that honkin' big car seat of takes up too much space. He tested it out on Monday afternoon. Anyway, I got to pick him up from school yesterday. After waiting for him to finish his snack, we got to the car.

L: This my special chair, Nini?

Me: Yeah, your special chair for such a special boy.

(got him all settled in and strapped that seatbelt across him. I discovered the cup holder on the side so naturally he discovered it too. I get in the car and turn it on. We were ready to roll.)

Me: You okay back there?

L: Yes. I need my water to put in here.

Me: Can you reach it?

L: No, I cannot reach it. It's too far.

I reach back and hand it to him. He puts it in the cup.

L: Where are we going?

Me: Home. Why? Where do you want to go?

L: I don't know. Can we go to the store, Nini?

Me: The store? Why?

L: I need candy.

ME: Candy? What kind of candy?

L: M & Ms.

Me: M & Ms? Hmmm...I don't think they have any more at the store.

L: They ran out?

Me: Yeah, they ran out.

The conversation gets a little fuzzy in my head at this point...the light turned green.

L: {blah blah blah} otherwise....

My mind stopped on the word otherwise. Because while I don't remember everything he said, he did use the word correctly in the sentence. I know he was not talking about candy so I thought okay, scot free. NOPE.

L: Can we go to the gas station, Nini?

Me: The gas station?!?!? What for? I don't need gas.

L: So I can buy candy.

Me: Do you have money?

L: No, but you do.

Me: I do? How do you know?

L: People have money in their hands.

Me: I show him each of my hands one by one and say, "No money here or here."

L: You have money in your purse.

Me: How do you know?

L: I know you do.

Me: Naw, I don't want to go to the gas station.

L: Can we go to that store? (we passed the grocery store)

Me: What for?

L: I need candy.

Me: What kind?

L: Gummy bears.

Me: I have gummy worms at home.

L: I don't like the sugary ones.

Me: You don't? You had it before and you liked it.

L: I don't like the sugary ones. My mommy said I don't like the sugary ones.

Me: Lucas, you said you don't like the sugary ones, not your mommy.

L: No, Nini, my mommy said I don't like the sugary ones.

Me: Okay, then, if I go to the store this weekend I will get you not sugary ones.

L: Nini, can we go to the small store (that's we he calls the neighborhood MOm and Pop store)?

Me: What for?

L: I need a drink.

Me: YOu have your water.

L: I need juice.

Me: You just had juice at school.

L: But, I need juice.

Me: Lucas, you have lots of juice at home. We don't need to buy juice.

(At the stop sign in front of his grandma's house now)

L: Okay, Nini.