Sunday, July 29, 2007


Today is Auntie Ninang's 89th birthday. I couldn't help but think that if Mama were alive today, she would also be 89. many years alive. So many yet to live. We celebrated with a PARTY. Lots of food, a lot of heat, but lots of fun was had. It's been such a long time since we've gathered for something happy. Of course, we all reminisced about the Easter Egg Hunts we used to have at Auntie Ninang's house. Every year. Without fail. We spent Easter "down in the valley". I don't even remember when they stopped. Toria and Allie took most of these pictures. Neither of them had the guts to go in the house and take a picture of Auntie Ninang. If there weren't so many people in there with her, I would have done it. Just not a crowd person in a small space. Predictably, their pictures centered on our family. Interesting to see things from their perspective.
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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Some highlights of my vacation...left to right :) Me being me, with the bartender before Mamma Mia!, my friend Patsi and me outside of New York New York, a night view of the strip, the slot machines at the airport. Next row: BETTY, our GPS, Me, Kathy and Christine at THE STINKING ROSE, A picture inside the stinking rose, had to get that picasso in the background, Universal Studios entrance. Third row: the walkway to the studio tour, at Toon Town, in front of the screaming roller coaster, inside the sorcerer's workshop at CA Adventure, trying on Merlin's hat. Fourth Row: Trying on hats at one of the Disney Stores, Me outside of CA Adventure, Me and Kathy, Me and Christine. Fifth row: eating a crepe for breakfast, Tristan and me, Me and Olivia, Phan and Me, fireworks at Disneyland. I took over 200 pictures. These are just highlights. I did not gamble one cent in Las Vegas. The only gambling I did was buying clothes without trying them on! I did not sightsee in Hawaii...I went there to visit my friend Addie and her family. Been there, done Waikiki...don't need to do it again.
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Vegas Vacation

I am in Las Vegas for the very first time! The temperature has been in the 100s for the last few doesn't get cooler till really late and even then it's not that cool. I feel like someone turned on the heater to extremely high and left the door open! OR, the oven is on broil and I'm standing in front of the open door. THAT HOT. Seriously. I haven't made it to the strip yet. I've done some stuff for all the kids already. I'm the boring them CLOTHES. Maybe I'll find something fun in LA. Tomorrow night Patsi, Maureen and I will be seeing Mamma Mia at Mandalay Bay. That's on the strip so I'll see it at NIGHT! FUN STUFF!