Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break came and went

It's amazing how fast a week goes by when you're not working. Even though I turned off the alarm, I still managed to get up before matter how late I stayed up the night before. *double groan*

Up and at 'em at 6:15 this morning. UGH. I so wished that I didn't have to work today. My students were tired so there wasn't a lot of noise. But, you would think that they had NEVER been in school before. A Reading lesson that should have taken less than an hour to complete took 1 1/2 hours! Half-way into my Language class, I discovered that my water bottle had cracked. The entire bottom came off and all I was left with was a block of ice. Nothing like not having water and having to keep talking. Let's not even get into my Math class. I get a reprieve at 1pm...the kids go to the Library.

I'm sitting in the school office checking some paragraphs when out walks our DI coordinator. She looks at the time clock and says that it's time for me to go to class. Only I don't know that she's talking to me because by now she's at the door (at my back) and she doesn't address me by name. It takes a few seconds and the admin asst. to tell me that it's me the coordinator is talking to.

"Shouldn't you be back in class?" she asks.

"My kids are in the Library, " I answer.

"The Library?! But, you're supposed to start test prep. Remember, we talked about it at the meeting?"

All I remember from the last faculty meeting was that when we started SAT-10 test prep, we would not be teaching the content area subjects. No mention of the suspension of Library time or Chamorro.

"I started test prep at 11:30, " I respond.

"Are you sure?" she asks me.

AM I SURE? AM I SURE?!?!? WTF! Why would I LIE!?!?! It pissed me off so much. I follow all the rules. Do what I'm supposed to do. Yet, I'm made to feel guilty. Those people who don't follow the rules and don't do what they're supposed to do...get away with murder.

I couldn't wait for the day to end and get home. All is well until I go to the gym and step on the scale. All that food I indulged in.... wow! There I had it. Three crappy things that happened today. Nothing more crappiness can come to me.

Trying to have a positive outlook here...tomorrow is a new day. The five kids who were absent will probably be in school tomorrow and we'll be back at square one again. I sure hope it doesn't turn out to be "Groundhog Day" the movie.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting Older


This girl is fourteen today. I can still remember the day we found out she was born. Maria and I were in Portland spending Easter weekend with John. We called home on Easter Sunday Guam time (so Saturday in Portland) and found out she'd been born. She was two months old when I first met her. Allie has always been a bit on the quiet side. She'd prefer not to have any attention. She had all kinds of nicknames... little buddha, allie-boo, allie-gator.... She reminds me a little of me. We both detest all things pink, would much rather don pants and t-shirt than a dress and (GASP!) heels, be behind the camera rather than in front. She's my daughter of my heart and I look forward to all the wonderful and exciting things life has in store for her. Happy birthday, Allie-boo! Love you so much!

March highlights

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

QUIET day at work

I posted on my facebook status that it was too quiet in my classroom today. My friend Jill wondered how an elementary school classroom could be too quiet. Easy answer...PARENT-TEACHER conferences. I did pretty well in the visits dept. Eighteen out of 24 students' parents showed up today...that's just my homeroom. I did see a bunch of students who in some of my classes. That was good. No complaints. Lots of thank yous and reminders that parents were just a phone call away. Of course, the parents you DO want to see don't show up... always the case. I love seeing the parents being involved in their child's education. Really, I do. It makes teaching easier. But, I hate the sitting around. Hard to do when you're so used to walking and talking ALL.DAY.LONG. I had Ali Edwards' newest book, Bryan Peterson's "Understaning Exposure" and a fluffy romance novel to read. I had my iPod Touch all juiced up and synced with my newest music (U2's newest release, baby, and The Gilmore Girls soundtrack), some movies and sudoku. I had my blackberry to surf the net. I also had paperwork to fill out. Got that done in record time, but all my boredom busters DID NOT WORK. I was ready to crawl out of my skin and I don't think the monster large iced coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup from Mc Donald's was the cause. I didn't need the bell or the clock to tell me it was time for a potty break... my bladder knows when it's recess or lunch time. We went straight through from 8-1. Afterwards a bunch of us ended up at the newly opened Chili's restaurant. We ordered a few appetizers to share and I got a cajun chicken sandwich. The picture does not do it justice. The thing was humongous!! I ate half and brought the other half home for dinner.

I passed on ordering a drink in the alcoholic family... I thought I would be called into daycare pickup (it is the first of the month and my cousin ALWAYS calls his mom to do pick up on the first who in turn calls me because I'm the only other person home at that time who can figure out how to put the car seat in the car without causing bodily injury AND carry the kid without throwing out a disk in my back. But, no call came and I snuck in a nap and got my workout.

Now I'm here catching up on my message boards and reminding myself that there are only two more days until spring break. I'm sure I'll regret wanting some noise in my classroom today. The kids will be antsy and excited at the thought of 9 whole days off without me in their faces. I plan to do a lot of nothing, but don't let THAT cat out of the bag. If anyone finds out I'm doing nothing, I'll be roped into something.