Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crafty, crafty bumble bee!

I've been busy crafting these last few days...well, I took a break yesterday to indulge myself in some serious vegging.

I finished this basket on Sunday. I made the flowers using this tutorial from the paper phenomenon blog.

Used papers from an old American Crafts line...Play.

Today I did 3 layouts for the April THAW at Willow Traders.

THAW 1: sketch challenge
Used The Scrapping Spot's March kit.

THAW 2: Scraplift challenge. I scraplifted Julie's layout from Top Shelf Memories.
Used The Scrapping Spot's April kit.

THAW 3: Recycle
Used The Scrapping Spot's February kit.

The corrugated background came from a priority box and the flower was made using pages from last year's lector handbook.

I also made a bunch of flower favor boxes for Easter, but no picture of that yet...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

If I knew what bees felt when they buzz about, I'll bet it's the same feeling I've had all week. The week before a break is always fraught with miles and miles of things to do all which lead to insomnia and needing lots of coffee. I am now officially on Spring Break! Three loads of laundry done. One layout completed. Two cards made. A decorative frame finished. I'm ready for some relaxation.

Here are two layouts I did with April's kit from The Scrapping Spot. The first one I did last weekend and the second today.

I used the EK Success swiss cheese punch on the bottom most patterned paper.

Added turquoise stickles to the journaling spot.

I made this butterfly card...purpose to be determined...using the design from a card made at a Stampin' Up card class. The brown ribbon came from my cousin Kim's wedding favors...all about re-purposing here. I ran a piece of cardstock through my original sizzix machine with the cuttlebug devine swirls folder and inked it with Bazzill ink. Love those butterflies!

I made this frame using scraps of paper and my Martha Stewart Royal butterfly punch. I also have the classic butterfly and 3-in-1 butterfly punches. Plus, I ordered the Stampin' Up butterfly punch because it goes with the "Flight of the Butterfly" stamp set.


I've been wanting to do this frame since I saw it on Ali Edwards' blog TWO years ago. I punched those butterflies months ago and bought the frame (came in a set of two) several weeks ago. I was determined to see this project come to light. The butterfly stamp in the background came from the "For All You Do" stamp set from Stampin' Up. The "happiness always" sentiment came from the "Whimsical Words" set from Sale-a-bration. I got that free!

It's almost time to get ready for Palm Sunday Mass...well, the vigil anyway.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I try to live my life with no regrets

I woke up yesterday and got ready as I always do for work...eyes half-open going about my business. I follow the same routine every morning so that I don't forget anything. The only thing I did differently was put on a pair of running shoes and made sure I put my wallet and Ms. Fix-it bag (it has everything from bandaids to stevia packets to benadryl spray to contact lens drops and more) into my camera bag.

My students were excited all day and for a good reason. The National Guard was bringing their rock wall to school! Anyone who had a signed permission form could climb! Quickly realizing that the lunch recess period was not enough time for all the eager students to climb since they could only climb 4 at a time, they agreed to stay till 2pm. We brought our kids back out after Math. My Math students behaved since they knew I would not hesitate to keep them in!

I seriously debated climbing the wall. I'm not too fond of heights as my friend Shannon can attest. I waited till after I dismissed my kids...to the bus and car rider area. THEN I climbed the wall. I didn't go all the way to the top. I had the audience I was hoping to avoid, only these hecklers were my co-workers. Much worse than having a few hundred students watching. Of course, the 2nd trip bus riders, after school program students and the kids already on the first group of buses could see as well. I was laughing too hard and sweat was dripping down my face. But, I climbed! Today I have the sore body to prove it. Climbing isn't as easy as it looks and takes every ounce of body strength. Here are some pictures, all taken in auto since I wanted them to be half-way decent.

Thanks, Jack, for taking the pictures. There was one unflattering butt shot, but that will never see the light of day!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Found a great site

I'm currently in the last week of The Photographer's Workshop with Karen Russell. I have learned so much about using my camera. I tried for some really good shots tonight while we celebrated my mom's 62nd birthday, but there was not enough light outside to get good photos. Grrr!!! But, at least I now know why the pictures are crappy. Nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with light! Amazing discovery.

I recently became a member of clickinmoms through Karen's recommendation. My stupid question of the day was if you had to be a mom to join. NOPE! It's just a name. I've already clicked on some great threads there and learned a little bit more. Even if a question has already been asked before, the members will chime in with an answer if they have one and even point the way to other threads that focus on your question. WOW! Karen is an affiliate. The more people become members, the more prizes she'll get which she'll in turn raffle off to anyone who joins by clicking the link to clickinmoms on her blog. I personally think the membership is seriously worth it. If you KNOW anything about me, I weigh all the pros and cons to joining anything that requires parting with my hard-earned money. I joined for a year which cost $50. You can join for six months at $30. For me, $50 was a better deal! SO, if you're looking to learn more about photography, head over to Karen's blog, click the button for clickinmoms and you'll be on your way to learning so much more.