Monday, October 30, 2006

The big day finally came!

Last Wednesday was my official last day of the doctor-ordered ban on the gym. I went to put on a pair of gym shoes and immediately took them off! My heel was still tender! Not a good thing to experience when you've waited 4 weeks for this day! With Julian in Hong Kong supervising the printing of Yellow Pages Ink's phone book, I spent a couple of hours a night with Maria, Lucas, and Jacob. That helped pull the sting out of not being 100% ready for a workout. After a long short day of sitting around waiting for parents to show up at Parent-Teacher Conference and a yummy lunch of sushi with Christy, I came home and took a very short nap (10 minutes). Maria came by with Jacob...she was on her way to get Lucas at school. I was not supposed to watch him, but we had fun anyway. I got ready very early to go to the gym. I even left early and sat around waiting for the sign-in sheet to be "released". Had a great welcome back and a grueling workout. No pain in the injured busted skin. I'm good to go!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Three day weeekend...Columbus day is not a Government of Guam holiday, but students and teachers still got the day off. It's a flexible make-up day and had we missed a day for a natural disaster before today, we would have had classes. It was a pretty yucky weekend. It RAINED all weekend long. If I could have danced, I would have today because it did not rain. No rain means only one thing these days...the perfect time to do laundry and hang it out to dry. Nothing exciting happened this weekend. I didn't do anything fun either. I'm having myself a little pity party right now. Don't mind me!