Monday, October 30, 2006

The big day finally came!

Last Wednesday was my official last day of the doctor-ordered ban on the gym. I went to put on a pair of gym shoes and immediately took them off! My heel was still tender! Not a good thing to experience when you've waited 4 weeks for this day! With Julian in Hong Kong supervising the printing of Yellow Pages Ink's phone book, I spent a couple of hours a night with Maria, Lucas, and Jacob. That helped pull the sting out of not being 100% ready for a workout. After a long short day of sitting around waiting for parents to show up at Parent-Teacher Conference and a yummy lunch of sushi with Christy, I came home and took a very short nap (10 minutes). Maria came by with Jacob...she was on her way to get Lucas at school. I was not supposed to watch him, but we had fun anyway. I got ready very early to go to the gym. I even left early and sat around waiting for the sign-in sheet to be "released". Had a great welcome back and a grueling workout. No pain in the injured busted skin. I'm good to go!

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Leah said...

You are my idol!!!! I can't remember the last time I was at the gym! U rock. hope ankle feels better.