Monday, September 22, 2014

To Be a Better Blogger

If I got paid based on the number of times I blogged, I'd never see a dime. Then again, if I did get paid to blog, I'd probably do it more often. Funny how one can be motivated by the promise of a dollar.

I've thought about blogging a lot in the last few weeks. But, then I'd get sucked in by episodes of "Revenge" season 3 or reading books in a series like Kate Perry's Laurel Heights novels or Susan Mallery's Fools Gold novels or playing endless games of Candy Mania or Cupcake Mania. When you have 3 iDevices with those games downloaded well, there goes a couple of hours. Then there was the perusal of Netflix last night and the commencement of "Grey's Anatomy" season 1. Not that I didn't watch from the beginning or anything... but I did miss a season or 2 somewhere in the middle.

In the last 6 weeks or so, I've done a lot of thinking. But, now that thinking has to translate into doing. This weekend, I caught up on SIX weeks of Project Life (C) spreads. I'm not into sharing because then it starts the comparing...and I'm allergic to comparing what I do with what others do. It's been fun reminiscing and proves to be a great reminder that I do indeed live a full and varied life. I did realize that, while this Project Life (C) is mostly about me, I am sorely missing from a majority of the pictures. Oh the reasons... I won't get into, but you can probably guess that they have something to do with body issues.

So, on to doing...

I've started and stopped exercising countless times since 2014 began. I've blamed my crazy travel schedule, but I have no excuses for the last 3 weeks as I've only stepped foot in the airport to see my niece off to another year of college. It was weird parking the car and walking in without checking in and getting a boarding pass...but I digress.

I visited my godmother in the skilled nursing facility two weeks ago. As she cried that she didn't wish her illnesses on anyone, I pictured myself in her shoes and didn't like the what I saw. I also have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow and I already know what she's going to say so I'm cataloging all the things I know I need to do, but this time I'm going to try my darnedest to get them done. 

I've downloaded and uploaded a bunch of things I'm going to try. I've stamped water glasses into my planner that lays open on my desk to remind me to drink water...and herbal tea (I'm one of those that counts herbal tea as water...don't shoot me). I use the restroom clear at the other end of the office to get more steps in my day and that is seriously difficult since there is a restroom right across the hall from my office door.

Wish me luck!