Sunday, September 30, 2007

This was September!

The last row of this collage repeats the first row. The top two rows are projects I did with my design team October kit from The Scrapping Spot. I still have loads of stuff left to use...good thing it's the OCTOBER KIT. I still have a whole month to play with it! It has a lot of pink...... A LOT! Sometimes I feel like I'm allergic to that color because it just makes me shudder. But, this the papers are so bold, so graphic...funky, edgy, a twist of metro. We named it "Metro Chic".......a few clicks with the dictionary and the thesaurus online and BOOM! METRO CHIC appeared! This month pales in comparison to last month, but my excuse is WORK. Most of the layouts I did in August were done the first two weeks...I was still on vacation. I'm not complaining, though. Creating gives me the much needed outlet for the stress that teaching entails. Students bring SO MUCH baggage to school with them and it's hard for them to leave it at the door so I have to deal with it as well. Now I need to decompress from the weekend, not that anything much happened this weekend.
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Friday, September 21, 2007

where did the month go?!

More than half the month is GONE. When did THAT happen? I can't remember half the things that happened. Sign of age or just busy-ness? My design team gig at The Scrapping Spot has officially begun. I got my kit a few days ago. It has A LOT of pink... I am not kidding when I say A LOT. I am not a fan of things pink, but this kit is amazing. I've already done two layouts and made a little notebook with this kit. Check out the picture (courtesy of The Scrapping Spot).

Saturday, September 01, 2007

This was August!

Fourteen layouts. One mini album. Eleven cards. Fifty pictures. That is a RECORD for me. It helps that the women on The Scrapping Spot's message board really LOVE to scrap. We have Ari, our whip cracker to goad us into using up stash and scrapping those pictures. Do I really NEED someone to tell me what to do?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOO! However, I love a challenge any day. It's very interesting to see how several scrappers can take one sketch or Beck Fleck page map and create something vastly different. I'm almost done with my Summer 2007 vacation pictures and it's STILL 2007. Guess I better get those 2004 vacation pictures from Mark and get working!

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