Sunday, August 30, 2009

September LEO Challenge

I signed up for the September Layout Every Other Day at Willow Traders. I usually scrap like a mad woman during the summer. This summer was a bust in comparison to previous years. I spent the first three weeks of my summer vacation winding down from the school year, taking a three-credit class to jumpstart my teacher recertification in 2012 and packing for my three-week vacation. Of course, no scrapping happened while I was on vacation, but I sure did take a lot of pictures. Little did I know that after being home for three weeks, I would be gone again for another three weeks. I have several kits piled up that have been sitting untouched. But I digress from the original point of this post.

When Jill posted on The Scrapping Spot's message board about the WT September LEO Challenge, I knew it was my chance to get some scrapping done.

A pre-challenge challenge was posted for the weekend in anticipation for the start of September. It was easy and fun and I knew I would have no trouble doing it.


Even Jill, the original Miss I-don't-make-cards made a few. Lucky me, I get one of them!!