Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got my braces today!

Got off work early today for my orthodontic appointment. Had my IPOD nano all charged up and ready to go. Got to my appointment early so they got started early. YIPEE!!! It feels so weird. I have a mouth full of metal and porcelain. Haven't tried chewing yet. Had a fruit smoothie for dinner. No pain (yet) and crossing my fingers that the pain isn't a doozy! Only two more days to endure before break. It's going to be a crazy two days...abbreviated schedule to practice for our Chamorro program tomorrow and the actual performance on Friday. We'll be eating lunch at 10:15 am! Who serves LUNCH at that time?!?!? McDonald's milkshake, here I come!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Smashed my front bumper yesterday...tried to fit in a ridiculously small parking spot at KMart. I never park in that part of the lot...don't know why I went that way. The thing is, I didn't even hit...just a brush and the bumper crumpled. It looks beautiful. NOT! Went to my favorite body shop on the way home. Got my bumper ordered.Can't fix the damaged one. The owner is going to pick it up, paint it and then call me to install it. $475 GONE. But, it's a discount price...thank goodness for being a good church-going person and that the body shop guy and his wife admire me for that. He said that the bumpers are made so different's hollow. Now how is that supposed to save me in an accident?!?!? Auntie Margaret will pay for it. YAY. Gotta love her!

I'm getting my braces put in on Wednesday. I took an hour off work for the appointment. I'll be missing Math. Gosh,
I'm so heartbroken! By the time Math rolls around, I'm so exhausted and not into the tricks and antics of my students. This will be my last picture with my blasted overbite and slightly crowding bottom teeth.

After a year and a half of being a member of a scrapbooking kit club, I sent a message to one of the owners for cancellation. It's a great club with a new technique to try each month, but it's pricey. I admit that I haven't tried half the techniques they have had. I'm keeping one, Two Spotted Dogs. Mindy was an amazing owner and now Diane has taken over. I love how they get input from the members (at least the active ones on the message board since we're always there!) and listen to what we want. Check them out!

Monday, March 05, 2007

My day started at 4 am...

Well, if we want to get technical, my day started well before 4am! The power went out. I heard the air conditioner shut off. I tossed and turned for a while; opened the bathroom and bedroom doors to get some air. I couldn't get online because my internet runs on the cable modem into my wireless router...both of which hook up to POWER. There went that idea. I tried to go back to sleep, but that didn't happen. I finally got out of bed, found the flashlight, a picture, and my Two Spotted Dogs February kit and started scrapping a layout. When I was done with that, I discovered the power had come back on so I hopped into bed. Sleep eluded me. I gave up since I was going to take Lucas to school. Lucas ended up not going to school so we hung out together. He played, watched TV, made a mess, cleaned it up, had lunch (didn't bring anything from home because "My mom ran out of food!). Stinker! Then he wanted to watch "Bob the Builder". We both fell asleep for 1 1/2 hours! Didn't wake up until the phone rang at 2pm. Then Maria brought Jacob over and we hung out for a little while more. I went to my spin class at the gym and added another bruise or two to my right leg. It's looking pretty (NOT).

Friday, March 02, 2007


I made an appointment to see an orthodontist this week. I thought for sure that I would be laughed out of the office. So I found out that if I don't get my overbite and overjet corrected, eventually my bottom teeth will be hitting the roof of my mouth and push my front teeth farther out. The downside is I can't get a full set of clear braces because of my penchant for grinding and the fact that I have big top teeth in comparison to my small bottom teeth. I wouldn't want to chip my top teeth on the porcelain brackets! So it'll probably be metal bottoms and clear tops. The upside is the ortho dude predicts only 10 months of metal mouth! Maybe my TMJ disorder will go can always hope.