Sunday, March 25, 2007


Smashed my front bumper yesterday...tried to fit in a ridiculously small parking spot at KMart. I never park in that part of the lot...don't know why I went that way. The thing is, I didn't even hit...just a brush and the bumper crumpled. It looks beautiful. NOT! Went to my favorite body shop on the way home. Got my bumper ordered.Can't fix the damaged one. The owner is going to pick it up, paint it and then call me to install it. $475 GONE. But, it's a discount price...thank goodness for being a good church-going person and that the body shop guy and his wife admire me for that. He said that the bumpers are made so different's hollow. Now how is that supposed to save me in an accident?!?!? Auntie Margaret will pay for it. YAY. Gotta love her!

I'm getting my braces put in on Wednesday. I took an hour off work for the appointment. I'll be missing Math. Gosh,
I'm so heartbroken! By the time Math rolls around, I'm so exhausted and not into the tricks and antics of my students. This will be my last picture with my blasted overbite and slightly crowding bottom teeth.

After a year and a half of being a member of a scrapbooking kit club, I sent a message to one of the owners for cancellation. It's a great club with a new technique to try each month, but it's pricey. I admit that I haven't tried half the techniques they have had. I'm keeping one, Two Spotted Dogs. Mindy was an amazing owner and now Diane has taken over. I love how they get input from the members (at least the active ones on the message board since we're always there!) and listen to what we want. Check them out!

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