Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Blogging from the Heart November Edition

i read several blogs when i have the chance. my list of go-to blogs are on the right side. stephanie howell posted a "blog your heart" challenge in September. i started and deleted many posts in september and missed october by a day. today...oh today...gave me the biggest push i've needed to blog from the heart.

why today? i just spent the last several hours in the company of friends. these are friends that i don't see often, but when i do it's as time has never passed. without going into all the details of the stories that got passed around tonight, one thought in particular prompted me to blog from my heart.

you see, i almost lost one of these friends a few weeks ago. and by almost lost, i mean he was ready to take his life. what stopped him? another friend called him right before he pressed the gas pedal on his car and asked him if he was okay. and that's what stopped him. if she hadn't been an angel who called him at just the right moment, i would be crying about a loss right now. all i could think of was that he would have never known just how much he really means to me because i keep waiting for a better time, a time when i'm not so busy so that we can get together.

there's always something that pops up that gets in the way of keeping in touch with people. you would think that with cellphones glued to almost everyone's hand, communication would be easier. but there's always something. the cost of a long distance call on my cellphone (we don't have great long distance rates on this rock) will no longer keep me from checking in with people in my life...even all the way in london.

the bottom line is, i can't keep waiting for tomorrow to say what i need to say because tomorrow may never come. so, you know that friend you keep meaning to call but haven't? call them. today. right now.