Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got my braces today!

Got off work early today for my orthodontic appointment. Had my IPOD nano all charged up and ready to go. Got to my appointment early so they got started early. YIPEE!!! It feels so weird. I have a mouth full of metal and porcelain. Haven't tried chewing yet. Had a fruit smoothie for dinner. No pain (yet) and crossing my fingers that the pain isn't a doozy! Only two more days to endure before break. It's going to be a crazy two days...abbreviated schedule to practice for our Chamorro program tomorrow and the actual performance on Friday. We'll be eating lunch at 10:15 am! Who serves LUNCH at that time?!?!? McDonald's milkshake, here I come!

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Mark, Shannon, and Carly said...

Hi Vera!

You look great! I hope they never give you any trouble. You still have a beautiful smile.