Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Found a great site

I'm currently in the last week of The Photographer's Workshop with Karen Russell. I have learned so much about using my camera. I tried for some really good shots tonight while we celebrated my mom's 62nd birthday, but there was not enough light outside to get good photos. Grrr!!! But, at least I now know why the pictures are crappy. Nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with light! Amazing discovery.

I recently became a member of clickinmoms through Karen's recommendation. My stupid question of the day was if you had to be a mom to join. NOPE! It's just a name. I've already clicked on some great threads there and learned a little bit more. Even if a question has already been asked before, the members will chime in with an answer if they have one and even point the way to other threads that focus on your question. WOW! Karen is an affiliate. The more people become members, the more prizes she'll get which she'll in turn raffle off to anyone who joins by clicking the link to clickinmoms on her blog. I personally think the membership is seriously worth it. If you KNOW anything about me, I weigh all the pros and cons to joining anything that requires parting with my hard-earned money. I joined for a year which cost $50. You can join for six months at $30. For me, $50 was a better deal! SO, if you're looking to learn more about photography, head over to Karen's blog, click the button for clickinmoms and you'll be on your way to learning so much more.

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