Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting Older


This girl is fourteen today. I can still remember the day we found out she was born. Maria and I were in Portland spending Easter weekend with John. We called home on Easter Sunday Guam time (so Saturday in Portland) and found out she'd been born. She was two months old when I first met her. Allie has always been a bit on the quiet side. She'd prefer not to have any attention. She had all kinds of nicknames... little buddha, allie-boo, allie-gator.... She reminds me a little of me. We both detest all things pink, would much rather don pants and t-shirt than a dress and (GASP!) heels, be behind the camera rather than in front. She's my daughter of my heart and I look forward to all the wonderful and exciting things life has in store for her. Happy birthday, Allie-boo! Love you so much!

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