Saturday, July 21, 2007


Some highlights of my vacation...left to right :) Me being me, with the bartender before Mamma Mia!, my friend Patsi and me outside of New York New York, a night view of the strip, the slot machines at the airport. Next row: BETTY, our GPS, Me, Kathy and Christine at THE STINKING ROSE, A picture inside the stinking rose, had to get that picasso in the background, Universal Studios entrance. Third row: the walkway to the studio tour, at Toon Town, in front of the screaming roller coaster, inside the sorcerer's workshop at CA Adventure, trying on Merlin's hat. Fourth Row: Trying on hats at one of the Disney Stores, Me outside of CA Adventure, Me and Kathy, Me and Christine. Fifth row: eating a crepe for breakfast, Tristan and me, Me and Olivia, Phan and Me, fireworks at Disneyland. I took over 200 pictures. These are just highlights. I did not gamble one cent in Las Vegas. The only gambling I did was buying clothes without trying them on! I did not sightsee in Hawaii...I went there to visit my friend Addie and her family. Been there, done Waikiki...don't need to do it again.
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Cathy said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great vacation!!!!!!!