Saturday, April 28, 2007


I am an avid reader. I have always loved reading. I buy books at Bestseller and Kmart. Sometimes I buy books at the grocery store. I ran out of new books this week. When you're sore from the neck down, you don't feel much like least I don't. I had to dig through some old books for one that I didn't remember the plot. Not working out this week, I had lots of time on my hands. What do I do with time on my hands? More computer time! Read a lot of stuff on the internet. Stalked blogs of "famous" scrapbookers. I came across a post from Ali Edwards about how to make a transparency book. Here's my version of Ali's book. She used pre-manufactured transparency frames, library cards, etc. I used scraps...scraps of acetate sheets, cardstock, patterned paper. I used rub ons to put designs on the acetate and post it notecards. Pretty ingenious substitutions if you ask me! I made it mine. Toria's birthday is coming up so I made her this book. I'm not going to post every page here.

The estimates came in for the work we need done on the house. One was $10,000+ and the other was $15,000+. I'm going with the 10. I eliminated some things on there that really didn't need to be done. So the cost should come down to less than $10,000. It's a lot of money, but once all the work is done, it won't need to be done again for a long time (painting), or ever again (the 2 bedroom windows and new security screen doors). I'm hoping they start this coming week!

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