Friday, May 25, 2007

Funny Story

Funny story... A few months ago, Ethan and I had a discussion about his birthday. He said he didn't want to celebrate at school because all the kids blow out the candles. So he said he wanted to have a party at home.

ME: Am I invited to this party?

Ethan: No. Just my mom and my dad and Toria and Allie and Nathan and Grandma and Papa.

Me: Not me?

Ethan: No, but you can make my cake.

Me: HUH!?!??! I'm not invited but I make the cake?

Ethan: Yeah.

Me under my breath: We'll see about that, small boy.

Now every time someone asked about his birthday, he would just say no party at school only at home. Fair enough. About a week before his birthday, he told his mom again that he wanted a party at home with the family. But now EVERYONE had to come or it wouldn't be a party. He told his mom he wanted hot dogs and that I was making the cake. So, his mom called everyone and told them that they were serving hot dogs and french fries, and she'd have other stuff that the adults could eat. Ethan should thank his lucky stars that we had a leaking pipe last Saturday because that had me home after the men left so I could make the cake. Otherwise, I would have been at church and no cake would have been made. There's just something about cooking/baking when dust and paint are flying around.

So then that night I get to talking with his mom and he decides that he must talk to me.

Me: I made your cake.

Ethan: What kind is it?

Me: Vanilla (it was actually white cake, but I knew he associates cake with flavors).

Ethan: When I was at your house yesterday, did I tell you I wanted a vanilla cake?

Me: You didn't say. Is it okay?

Ethan: Yeah, it's okay. What is on top?

Me: What kind of icing do you want? Chocolate or vanilla?

Ethan: What are you going to put on top of it?

Me: What do you want on top of it?

Ethan: Spider Man.

Me: Again?

Ethan: Spider Man. that's what I want.

Me: Okay. Spider Man. I'll draw a web too.

Ethan: Okay.

We did have hot dogs, meatloaf and chicken, salad, rice and french fries. He just wanted to stare at his cake until we could cut it, but the lure of the hot dogs and Lucas being there won over. Here's the much anticipated (by Ethan) cake! I made the spider out of cupcakes, Japanese biscuits and decorating gel. I found the spider man figurines at the hardware (!) store.

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Cathy said...

aren't kids funny sometimes..

cute cake too!!