Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Sneak peek.......

I was lucky enough to get partials of The Scrapping Spot's February kits this past week. Jill and I have a severe love/hate relationship with the postal service so it looks like I'll be getting bits and pieces of the kits at a time. I don't mind that, but sometimes I feel like Guam always gets the short end of the stick. I digress... I get to design with the small kit...right up my alley. Not too much paper to add to my already growing collection, just the right amount of embellishments, and other great stuff. Being on the design team means actually using the stuff in the kit. If you're like me and hundreds of other scrappers, you like to hoard the great stuff. So I gave myself a little pep talk about how I was doing this for the good of the business...we want the kits to sell after all.... and dove in. Here's a little peek... it's a little blurry...sorry!

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Cathy said...

glad you gave yourself a pep talk!! hehe
Great new layouts in your gallery!!