Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Sunday

I was going to title this post "Another Lazy Sunday". But it is far from lazy. I did get up at 8:30am which isn't late if you get to bed closer to 1am like I did. Sleep is 8 HOURS, no less but could be more. These days, I'm lucky to get 6. Stressed? Maybe. A little. I really should be doing mid-quarter progress reports. I did homeroom content areas and reading. Still have to do Language and Math, but all those grades aren't printed out, let alone entered into the computer. I'm hesitant to stick my flash drive into my laptop... all kinds of viruses going around at work and even with virus scan... it's just plain scary. As long as I get them out by Wednesday, I'll be okay. Not worried. I have too many other things to fill my mind.

The "stories in hand" class over at is coming to an end. I really haven't done much with it except print everything out and put it in a binder. I've perused the "sparks", written a few words here and there in my newly dusted off journal, but the nitty gritty will just have to wait. Maybe for that LONG LONG plane ride to Arizona in December. God knows I'll have more than enough time to think and write, especially coupled with those long layovers in Hawaii and LA that just got even longer with schedule changes. Anyhow, I digress... those sparks made me think of a recent layout I did of my grandma.DSCF1743_edited
The Scrapping Spot has been doing the scrapping version of "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?". For the first round, I completed 9 out of 10 challenges. This layout of my grandma was challenge 1 of 5th grade...and the challenge was to journal 150 words, nothing less. Thank goodness for the word count feature of MS Word! We're on round 2 and have moved it up to 6th grade. I'm doing a 4th grade Math challenge that starts tomorrow (mainland time).

I was doing some scrapping kit club stalking last night and a little bit of blog hopping. I clicked on a link and then decided to go to sleep. This morning, I was perplexed at why I had the BASB blog on my one of my tabs. I probably picked it up from the Studio Calico forums. Anyhow, I look and see that SOMEONE looks familiar. Not one of those, I've seen her on line somewhere or in a magazine. I mean SHE REALLY LOOKS FAMILIAR, emphasis on the "FAMILI" part of the word. Click her pic which takes me to her blog. Keep clicking older posts and come across a picture of a house. Her grandma's house. The house RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MINE. The house with the never ever seen YET tenant whom we think eats, sleeps, and does stuff IN THE DARK. Again, I digress. I found my cousin DIANA. Amazing, huh? I have a scrapping cousin! Too bad she lives in CA. *sniff sniff sniff*

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moonlightgrrl said...

VERA!!!! OMG... hi cousin! Weird how you found me, but so cool. How are you?