Monday, February 16, 2009

Project 365 February week 2

Shopping at Cost U Less on Saturday. We were in serious need of food.

We had a Valentine's Dance at school. The kids didn't know what to around in circles was the activity of choice.

I finally broke down and bought a Blackberry Curve 8320! It so happened that I COULD switch over and do stuff to my account without having to pay a few limbs for it. I will be spending LESS for phone use, texting AND data service than I did on my current plan.

42/365...on my thumb drive....It was a scorching 89 degrees when I got into my car this afternoon..... sigh.

I got a Tracy Joy bag! It came quickly, too! Now I can carry my DSLR around without worrying too much about it being banged around inside my purse. It fits my camera with a lens on plus my other 2 lenses, my wallet, cell phone, 2 checkbooks, IPOD Touch, and random other things.


I got a letter from the auto insurance company saying I OWED MONEY for my premium. I dug out the receipt stating I paid in full. Darn pieces of cr*p...second year in a row they did something to my account. I was pissed off!

Lucian's first birthday celebration. We celebrated the week after he turned one. Not that he knew the difference!


Anonymous said...

ra I lovethese picture!
The las tone if my Fav.

Candace H said...

The birthday photo is adorable and I love your new camera bag! WTG on keeping up with your photos!