Sunday, March 22, 2009

I've fallen off the wagon...

I've fallen off the more ways than one. I left my DSLR camera at home this entire past week. I just didn't feel like lugging it around. My little P&S is still broken. I don't think it's worth getting looked at or fixed. So my quest to take a picture a day has tumbled far off the wagon. I've thought about taking "catch up" pictures, but frankly that would be tough.

There's no way I would want to take a picture of the scale read out at the gym. Another sign I've fallen off the wagon. I still go ever faithfully to the gym. But, it's the eating part that has thrown me off. I feel like I've been sucked into a cyclone and I can't seem to find the way out. Years ago, when I started my quest to get healthy, it was a big decision. I wanted it. I STILL want it, but lately it's been so much easier to open mouth, insert food. A true sign of stress, for me at least. So, no more "treats". No more "just a little bit". After Tuesday's dinner and concert, that's it. I'm going to turn all samurai warrior on myself.

I came home one night to peace and quiet. A rarity in my house. Mom and Auntie Binkie are ALWAYS home, watching TV or listening to music or...heck, let me be honest just BEING there. I couldn't take a picture of the quiet. I didn't want a picture of the empty couch or the silent TV...some things just don't need to be memorialized in pixels.

Then there's the fact that I've been tired and stressed out lately. Nothing about that do I want to take pictures of. It IS high time for a change at work... time to move to another grade, try out a different age group.

The silver lining to all this pessimism... a quick glance at my mandara spa gift certificate told me to USE it before tomorrow. Thanks to Jake and Luke's christmas present, I had a 50-minute shiatsu massage. Heaven on earth.....

The pictures I did take:
Sunday: Julian and Frank at their EMBA graduation ceremony. I was their photographer.

Saturday: the front walkway of our school. On any given weekday, that front of our school is full of kids and a line of cars.

Saturday: the school parking lot devoid of cars. The SPED buses and vans take up prime space in the lot. Don't know why our parking lot became the bus lot.

I'm sure I'll catch up with my pictures later on in the year.

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