Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have no legitimate excuse for not blogging lately. I wish had a good excuse like I was saving the world from doom or feeding the hungry. I've done none of those. I've been consumed by Bejeweled Blitz, Farmville and Cafe World on Facebook. It should be renamed "Crackbook". I don't even check the home page most days...peoples' status is of no consequence to the goings on of the above mentioned addictions.

My students are fully immersed in reading The Clay Marble. They clamor for more reading time instead of GASP! Social Studies or Science. Oh the horror! But, I am secretly thrilled that they want to read as opposed to being forced.

Our fourth and fifth graders had the privilege of being visited by the local fire station. It isn't often that we get visitors. Clifford and Smokey visit Headstart and we usually get "a rock". They weren't the only ones to have some fun.


I was the ONLY teacher that this fire fighter asked to try the jacket on. Go me.

On to THAW at Willow Traders! THAW stands for THree A Week. We get three challenges posted the Friday before and each layout is due Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the following week. I do mine during the weekend.

THAW 1: scrap something sweet.

THAW 2: use the entire alphabet.
This one took TWO DAYS to do. All the letters were different colors so I got it in my head to paint them white. I needed two coats to get them white and then had to paint the entire background as well. I am nuts.

THAW 3: was due on National Moldy Cheese Day so we needed circles or triangles, yellow or white and something green.

THAW 4: use a dozen of something. I used those pink and orange thingies.

THAW 5: use your favorite dessert as inspiration for a layout. My fave dessert is tiramisu and used the brown/cream color for inspiration. Plus, we had to use lowercase letters. In all honesty, I chose that color scheme because I had The Scrapping Spot's October kit out and I wanted to scrap Kim's wedding pictures since her colors and brown.

THAW 6: scraplift a sponsor. I lifted Emelyn's "Sweet sixty-five" layout.

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