Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christmas is...around the corner?!?!?

I've been seeing Christmas stuff out at our local Kmart for the last few weeks. Halloween stuff on one side of the aisle; Christmas on the other side. Sigh.... pretty soon we'll be seeing Christmas stuff out during the SUMMER. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Maybe it's because I celebrate my birthday a mere four days before Jesus does, but Christmas is my favorite holiday.

All this holiday stuff is seeping into my skin. I signed up for a free class at jessicasprague.com. I've taken two other free classes there and they were worth the time and effort. I have no idea what this upcoming class at the spraground entails, but I signed up nonetheless. Ali Edwards does a yearly December Daily album. I put one together last year and have hopes for completing another this year. I found a link on Work in Progress' blog for a handmade holiday guide at Skip to my Lou. Sometimes I wish I could quit my job and just hang out in cyber land all day while playing with paper.

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