Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confession Time

I've watched all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls THREE times. Yup, three times. I was about to start all over again for round 4 when I was browsing on I came across Glee. And I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Allie had watched a few episodes several months ago while I was watching her and her brothers. I didn't get the hype. My eyes glazed over when threads about Glee appeared on the online message boards I frequent. I was happily blissfully ensconced in Stars Hollow.

Oh. My. Gosh. Hooked from the first song I heard. The episodes available on hulu didn't start from the first one. Off to search... and came across ALL the episodes on Oh, I was in heaven! The nice thing about surfthechannel...NO COMMERCIALS! Addicted Obsessed with Glee. I've downloaded Glee Vol. 1, Vol.2, Vol. 3, The Power of Madonna and Journey to Regionals on iTunes. It's already all loaded onto my iPod Touch. It usually takes me a while to sync the iPod Touch after downloading something. I have the Glee Season 1 DVD set in my amazon cart...just need to tweak that cart a little more before I hit checkout.

There you have it... a guilty pleasure. Now off to start watching from episode 1 again... Do I really go back to reality work on August 9th?!?!?


rmeyfe said...

I wonder if that link will work overseas. My husband just got transfered overseas and hulu is blocked from us over here!! Enjoy your summer TV!! :)

S said...

My daughter and I are Gilmore Girls addicts too. That's her go-to show to have on in the background while updating Facebook. This summer we're working our way through West Wing (it'll be my 3rd time).

S (from Sketchbook 2 class)