Sunday, July 04, 2010

The week of the uncle's visit

I'm usually the rock...on a plane headed east of the island...during this time of the year. Yet, I'm still here. For some reason I didn't make summer plans. Maybe it's because in the span of two years, I got on a plane FOUR times to get off the rock. FOUR. Sigh. That's a lot of stale air to be breathing for hours at a time. So, instead of me being gone at this time, the uncle came to visit. And all the sisters are happy. It's been a busy few days. I've been his chauffeur here and there. We've eaten enough food to feed an army. The sisters are here almost everyday.

This visit has been mellow. Oh. MY. GOSH. Mellow! Mellow and the uncle don't usually find themselves in the same room. Yet, here it is. He isn't his usual grumpy self...holding out some hope that he brings some of that sunshine home with him. He came to relax and boy has he done that. I never watched so much of the Outdoor channel till this past week! Of course, the poor guy got the requisite religious lecture today. He had to have seen it coming with all of his God-fearing, almost daily Mass-attending sisters in the room. I was falling asleep, but the closest auntie kept poking my forehead. SIGH... But, I already told him not to come around this time next year. I'm getting off the rock. Now to start planning where.

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