Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sketchbook 2 catch up

I don't know why I ever thought that I would be able to scrap layouts during the first week of school. Since I missed the first week of school last year I guess I forgot just how exhausted and tired I'd be at the end of the day. Up before 6am and asleep before 10pm...signs that I'm getting older. If I fall asleep before 10pm, I'm up at o'dark thirty. Seriously?!??!?! Then I had class yesterday morning. Sigh. So, I played catch up with KP's class today.

Sketch #4-

Sketch #5-

Sketch #6-

I used the August Summer Camp kit and Sugar Woods and Elk Lake add ons from Studio Calico. They just came in the mail on Thursday!

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Shawn said...

All these layouts....are sooooo FABULOUS!!! I keep gasping :)