Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daily December 11

This little rascal had his school Christmas program this morning. As expected, there were crying toddlers, antsy three-year-olds, pre-schoolers and kindergartners. He was singing and dancing and following along...most of the time.

He was amazing.

At first we only saw his shoes. When the opening songs were done and the curtain opened up again, he was standing smack dab in the middle of the line...right in front of me. I forgot my zoom lens and had to make do with the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8, but I did have my point and shoot so I used that to do video. Besides, they were moving to the beat of the music. It was hard to get a good shot! Those 3-year-olds are wiggly to begin with so the dancing made it that much harder.

I took some pictures of my December Daily pages and compiled them into one sheet using Jessica Sprague's inspired cards from her Inspiration Everywhere class.
1. Front Cover 2. Opening page (Ali Edwards) I might change the "31" to "25". 3. Manifesto (Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas 4. 12/1 picture 5. 12/1 story 6. 12/1 story continued 7. 12/2 opener (KI Memories sheer) 8. 12/2 story 9. 12/2 story continued left out 12/3 opener 10. 12/3 picture 11. 12/3 story 12. 12/3 story continued
1. 12/4 opener 2. 12/4 story 3. 12/4 pictures 4. 12/4 picture 5. 12/5 opener 6. 12/5 story 7. 12/6 opener {missed the 12/6 story) 8. 12/6 placeholder for my Christmas cards 9. 12/7 opener 10. 12/7 story...actually my Christmas lists
11. 12/8 opener 12. 12/8 story

I've done up to 12/10, but those pictures are on another template. I forgot AGAIN to take a picture of a layout I did....several weeks ago. It's still sitting on my table.

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