Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily December 17

Working on the work MacBook. Easier to post from here since it's out and on. I. AM. WIPED. OUT. Three days of working AND Christmas programs. Sheesh! I have a ton of pictures to upload and go through some time in the distant future. Have SO MUCH going on... hoping that I don't have to appear in the office this weekend.

We had an emergency conference call this morning for this grant we've been writing. OY VEY. In the midst of it, my 9:00 appointment showed up! Double OY VEY. Talk about quickly switching gears and switching right back!

We got a bit of a reprieve during lunch. Our office tech, Tia, is moving to another house...still in the 'hood, but not a part of our house. Sniff. We had lunch at Benii...spider roll and tofu salad. I was in heaven.

Cheryl and I went across the street to the main university campus to check out some classrooms and the lecture hall for a fair we're doing in May 2011. Then we made a quick stop at the grocery store for banana split stuff....part of Tia's send off.

Then I headed to Jacob and Lucian's Christmas program. His class was 2nd to last... seriously!?!?! I should have brought my computer in so I could work before he appeared!

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