Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daily December 21

happy birthday to me! i didn't charge my blackberry last night. i didn't think i needed to...but i was wrong! i got a ton of facebook notifications for birthday wishes. i prayed nothing would happen between work and home as i drove. i should either put my charger in my bag everyday or buy another charger for my office.

having to work today wasn't so bad. i was in at new staff orientation for 2 hours and stayed another hour talking to a co-worker about ideas and things coming up in the new year. my co-worker cheryl was off today (schedule adjustment from all those crazy extra hours we worked), but she came in to turn in her SA form and have lunch with me!

i have 3 days of extra hours to use up...seriously. I'm off tomorrow and two days next week.

dinner was waiting when i got home and my mom, auntie binkie and i actually had dinner together. i usually eat alone.

a picture of me on the 16th anniversary of my 21st birthday... do the math!

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