Monday, December 27, 2010

Daily December 27

Another schedule adjusted day! YAY! Did I spend it sleeping in?!?! NOPE. I brought my car in for service and got laughed at because I've only put 1,000 miles on my 4runner in the last 4 months. Had to tell the guy I drove another car as well.

I rode the shuttle home and we jumped in the other car to head to the Continental city ticket office. All for a PIN. Which we could have done online. Sigh.

Then we hit the grocery store. Only went in for chicken wings. Ended up with a cart full of stuff and $200+ poorer. At least I don't have to shop before the new year. Score 1.

I had an appointment at the foot clinic and then tried to shop at Ross. Big mistake. There's really nothing good left. Stopped by Ben Franklin Crafts and bought cool bags to put homemade goodies in. My best girls are getting homemade treats and coffee GCs. I'll do that on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is a work day. Gotta set that alarm.

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