Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daily December 29

busy day off! i...
  • slept in :)
  • paid some bills
  • put together the stand for the tv trays while i stretched my new shoes
  • waterproofed my boots
  • had lunch at benii for evelyn's farewell
  • stopped by kmart and walked out with only ONE bag
  • baked cookies and a sad looking mocha roll (that brief power outage messed me up)
  • went to the deacon's house and kicked back with some friends

jacob and lucas came by for a visit. jacob said, "nini, i haven't seen you in SO LONG!"

Seriously. I guess four days IS a long time to not see someone when you're only four years old. He sang. He danced. He made us laugh. "Ark the Arrow Angels Sin..." totally will never forget that!

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