Saturday, December 31, 2011

in 2011...

I had some firsts...
  • work trip with my boss to Washington, D.C.
  • eating sushi and pasta (not at the same time) with my friend John in Virginia
  • visit to North Carolina for a training
  • visit to Providence, RI for a conference
  • eating at the Cheesecake Factory in NC
  • trip to Madrid, Spain via Korea for World Youth Day 2011 with side trips to Fatima, Portugal; Avila and Burgos
  • teaching a class geared towards foster parents and child caregivers
  • a secretary who knew what she was doing (of course I knew she could step up to the plate because I stole her from the school I used to work at)

I had some stress...

  • writing 2 grants for a home visiting program set to begin in 2012
  • early mornings (4am is an insane time to begin working, but at least i could do it in pjs)
  • late nights...working after 5pm sometimes till 8 or so
  • deadlines on EST and figuring out what time that was in ChST. Lots of triple checking with the time and date website
  • putting together power point presentations and compiling resources for my first class
  • a health issue that I won't have news about till January

I had some big changes (I hate changes)...

  • the realization that a two-month summer break was no longer in my life
  • falling off the exercise and good eating wagon (going step back on that wagon in 2012)
  • the auntie moving home after 9 years (finally! but, this change I like)
  • the selling of my silver V-6 4 runner (the 'Nerds finally have reliable transportation)
  • the buying of my salsa red pearl 4 cyl. 4 runner (3 months earlier than planned)
  • taking time off means signing a leave form

I experienced some sadness...

  • the loss of relatives during the holiday season
  • the loss of a dream for a family member (maybe loss is a strong word...postponement, maybe?)

Even with all the stress and the sadness and the big changes, I still have much to look forward to in 2012...

  • the birth of my newest nephew in February
  • the excitement of seeing all that hard work of grant writing pay off when the home visiting program gets started
  • getting back on the eating well and moving more wagon
  • seeing what matchmaking Cupid can do
  • the wedding of my cousin Jes in August


Margrethe said...

Such an eventful year :)

theelfqueen said...

This is a really great recap of your year. Taking the good and the bad and just documenting it!

Kelly said...

What a great recap of the year. Hope you have a fantastic 2012 xxx