Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday musings

I went to twice a month nutrition class at the gym this morning, but not before I stopped for my grande iced latte with a shot of irish cream! Saw a paper hanging on the wall by the espresso machine that gave the workers directions for caramel macchiatos AFTER they started making my old stand-by. Have to order that tomorrow! So, I'm sitting in the aerobics studio listening to Mona, the instructor, talk about sugar. Did you know that you have to walk the entire length of a football field to burn off the calories in ONE M&M? That about freaked me out! There's 10 teaspoons of sugar in one can of soda and drinking DIET soda doesn't make you gain less weight but more!!! Oh my goodness! My eyes just about bugged out. But, still I dreamed of my iced latte sitting in the car because I don't dare bring that contraband into the class. Afterwards, I headed to Kmart to buy Lucas something for his birthday on Tuesday. I did the practical and bought him a booster chair to strap to their dining room chair. Am I really that boring? NO!!! I also got him some Cars sippy cups and then headed to our next favorite place...Bestseller bookstore.

I had to hit the bookstore since I'm down to my last book. I ran into a Bishop student. He saw me and said hi then proceeded to ask a question that just about broke my heart. Just when I was getting used to my new job. Just when I started to convince myself that I'm in a better place physically and emotionally. Noel asks, "Why did you have to quit?" Aw, man! I had to tell him that I didn't quit, but that I got another job somewhere else. So I ask him, "Why, do you miss me?" He said, "Yes." Noel was never in my class. The only time I "taught" his class was during SAT-10 testing when he was in kinder and first grade. The only thing we really shared was the same birthday. Of course, he had to say good-bye ever so sadly on his way out the door. Right back to square one. I miss my old job site. I miss the kids I've watched grow since I started working at Bishop (okay, so some of them are already seniors in high school). I miss seeing my closest work friends everyday. I miss knowing what's going on in Toria's, Allie's, and Nathan's classes. I miss the kids calling out my name when I pass by. I miss being one of the few teachers who weren't called just "Miss" because the kids knew it bugged me. Face it, I even miss being harassed by the computer teachers! I guess it's all just a part of growing up.

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Jill said...

Aw, I'm sorry Vera. Change is always hard. {{HUGS}}