Friday, September 08, 2006


Auntie Margaret came to visit last weekend from Saipan. She brought goodies for everyone, like she always does! Lucas and Ethan both got umbrellas. Ethan is a fanatic about Spiderman and we do nothing but encourage him! He has Spiderman EVERTHING--shirts, underwear, boxers, socks, shoes, backpack, plate, bowl, utensils, books, and now the umbrella. Ethan spent most of the morning outside in the sun so he could keep it open! Doesn't he look cute?

It's the weekend again! This week went by fast. I'm not just seems that the days are passing by quickly. We have no down time during the day. It's no wonder why I'm always tired when I get home. Nothing like a short nap to give me energy for those grueling workouts at the gym. Today was payday which made the day even better. A quick stop to the bank turned out to take longer than expected. But then, as a reward for all the hard work I've been doing, I stopped by China Arts to look at their new scrapbooking stuff. Lots of new things...shocked the heck out of me! I was good and spent less than $20! How's that for control?!?!

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