Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something to feel great about!

I got roped into a health assessment at my gym about 6 weeks ago. I was weighed and measured (felt a little like produce) and all those darn numbers were committed to paper in INK! Today, one of my fellow group cyclers got re-assessed and convinced me to go for it. I hate those numbers...too real when you have to LOOK at them! But it was all good, and this on the heels of my excellent (A+ as my doctor says) blood work results. The one number that stood out most for me was the triglycerides...a whopping 46, which my doctor said she sees very rarely. So, I step on the scale (thank goodness it was shoe-less because the shoes I was wearing today weigh 1.6 lbs...yes, I weighed them!). I've lost 8 pounds since August 2nd and a total of 10 inches all over my body!!!!! I should be turning cartwheels! So, my friend Pete says that I may not see the changes in my body, but everyone else sure does. I have to admit that I rarely look in the mirror past my neck and that's only because I need to look at myself when I put my make-up on. But, really, I should have figured it out when I tried on my new pants today. I did the risky thing and ordered a size smaller than I usually wear. They fit!!!! Talk about great motivation! I still eat the not-so-good stuff, just not too much. I'be been known to sweat a bucket at the gym, come home and eat dinner, and then have a ferrero rocher or two. I've found that if I tell myself I can't eat something, I want it even more and then break down and have too much. My secret stash of ben and jerry's can last for over a month in the back of the freezer! That reminds me, ben and jerry are not in the freezer right now! Thanks for letting me toot my own horn! Back to your regularly scheduled life!


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That is so awesome Vera!!!! You are a great motivator for me!!! Thanks for sharing!