Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Finding the "Daily Something"

I subscribe to Ali Edwards' AEzine. It starts off with this quote:

"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." (Alexander Woollcott)

That quote got me thinking. But there's more! Ali goes on to say, " every single day of our lives presents us with a story to tell. Wonderful little (and sometimes big) gifts that are available for us to capture if we make it a priority and pay attention.

Now, doesn't that inspire something? My day started off BORING. Uninspiring. Uneventful. First I discovered the "new" (new to us anyway) refrigerator was not cooling again. Oh joy. I kept trying to remember how much a refrigerator cost at Ace Hardware and Town House. Good thing we still had the old one outside. Looks like junk but it sure works well. Then I made stops at the post office (yay for bills), the bank (pay a bill), the $1.50 store, Kmart to return something, and the safety inspection place. Home for lunch. Quick checks on email and message boards. Dominic came to help me move the refrigerators. Then I went to pick up Lucas. Here's where the little gift comes into my day...

Maria started back to work at Hyatt today. She asked me to pick Lucas up from school. No problem. It's quite riot to pick him up...those five-minute conversations are my favorite. He asked where his mommy was and I reminded him that mommy was at work and that daddy would come home first then mommy. He says, "Nini, will you take care of me?" as he hugs me tightly. "Of course I'll take care of you. I always do." I put him in his booster seat and off we go. So, I start off by asking him about his day.

L: I don't talk to Uncle Dominic when he picks me up.
Me: Why not?
L: He makes me a little nervous.
Me: How does he make you nervous?
L: He talks to loud. That makes me nervous.
Me: Really.
L: Can you tell him not to talk so loud?
Me: Sure, I can tell him that. So, what did you do at school today?
L: We didn't learn colors.
Me: So what did you learn about?
(He gets all silly and speechs jibberish)
Me: We have to stop and get gas.
L: Okay, Nini. I will wait for you in the car.
Me: You're going to wait in the car? Does your mommy leave you in the car?
L: Yes.
(I had no intention of letting him out of my sight and I KNOW his mom doesn't leave him in the car. The gas station attendant comes out to gas my car in the self-serve line...gotta love that! So we go into the convenience store.
L: Nini, I need candy.
Me: Were you good at school today?
L: Yeah. I was good.
Me: We'll see if they have the candy you like.
We walk up to the counter. Right below is an array of bags of candy. We like the gummies made with fruit juice. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but it's all good in small doses.
Me: Do you want the music one or the abc one?
L: The abc one. I like that.
Me: Okay, but first we're going to have a good snack when we get home.
L: Okay, Nini. I'll just hold it.

On the way home we talk about some good snacks he can have...grapes, crackers, juice, chocolate milk with sprinkles (okay not so good with the chocolate and the sprinkles but it's the one trick I discovered that works for everyone to get him to drink the stuff). IN the home stretch...we see his Mama's house then his house. In to change...oh so quietly because Jakey is sleeping. Go to Mama's house for visit, hoping that he'll want to stay. Told Uncle Dominic not to talk so loud. I say I'm going home to cook dinner. Nope, he's going to follow me. I make a quick stop in his house to get his homework (homework at 2?!?!?) and we make the short drive up to my house. His mom calls. We talk. He talks. He does his homework...big fat scribbles all over the page. Works for me! Give him some milk, which he spills all over another piece of paper.
L: I spilled my milk.
Me: It's okay.
L: I'm so sad.
Me: Luke, it's okay. We'll clean it up. Do you want some more?
L: Yes, with more sprinkles.
Me: Okay.
Drinks some milk. We go outside so I can get the clothes off the line. He spills some milk all over his shirt. I take it off. He helps me take the laundry in and drops half the stack I gave him. I see a worried look on his face so I reassure him that he can go back and pick it up. And then the phone rings. He's wanted home to go shopping with his Nana. All this happened within an hour and a half. Well worth every minute. It gave me my "daily something".


My World * My Art * My Life said...

That's awesome V. Sounds like you and the little guy have a bond. What a wonderful thing.

Jill said...

Oh, Vera, HOW SWEET!!!!!

Shawn said...

What a great "daily something!"

I enjoyed your story very much.

I'll have to write own mine, so I can scrap them later and remember...

Sri said...

Dropping in to say hi!!!!

Cathy said...

what a great "daily something"