Thursday, September 18, 2008


I had a fairly good day. I had air conditioning in my "new" classroom, most of my students were on task and nobody got on my bad side. My newest headache is in the form of a plumbing contract to relocate our water lines, but the contention lies in whether or not it includes terminating the old line (which is the reason for the new line in the first place). Lots of back and forth with too many people. I feel so pulled in different directions. So frustrated right now that I am close to tears again. To make matters worse, I saw a chunk of white hair today.

I've always known that I had a patch of white hair at the back of my head somewhere but never saw it. Until today. At first I thought it was paint, but I wasn't around any wet paint today. Then I thought it was chalk but I didn't rub the back of my head across the board. Besides the fact that I saw this after I had been lying down. So there I have it. It's true. I have a patch of white hair at the back of my head and there's nothing I can do about it. It's too much to pull out. I don't want to subject myself to getting my hair colored because then I have to SIT patiently while the color sets in and then have to go in every 6-8 weeks for a touch up. That's so not my style. A little to girly for me. Besides, no one sees it. I only saw it because my hair was messy from lying down. Depressing stuff...

In other news, I recently signed up with my space (to keep in touch with the younger generation of people I know) and facebook. The Facebook thing was out of curiosity for one of my cousins who got married on the sly (it wasn't widely known that she got hitched). Anyhow, while I was waiting for her to confirm me as a friend, I found old friends and some found me. Happy story, right? Yeah, it is. Then last week, I got an email that someone from my past left me a message on facebook. Enter shock. Disbelief. And the thought, "OH.MY.GOD. He's stalking me again."

It was a message from a guy I dated in college. He was completely wacky back then and called every so often after we stopped dating to see if I was ready to see him again. Obsessed, huh? Should I have been flattered? At the time, I was not. I was irritated. Annoyed. Flat out pissed off that he kept calling. My equilibrium would be slightly off after his phone calls. Now this. He was looking for one of our old friends. Then we started emailing back and forth. He has changed so much. And wouldn't you know it? He's married with a kid. Had I met him after the craziness of young adulthood was over, I think I would have sung a different tune. He's matured. Changed. The ugly duckling has become a swan, metaphorically speaking. He still looks the same, but there's a different "air" about him. So, now we're becoming what we never were....FRIENDS. And that warms my heart.

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