Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A week in MY life

Ali Edwards is documenting a week in her life, modeled after a class she taught several times for Creating Keepsakes University. She invited her blog readers to join her in documenting their lives. Being a faithful blog reader of Ali's, I decided to go along with it. I started my week on Sunday. Perfect timing!

Our World Youth Day group had a BBQ/reunion at Ypao Beach. The only pictures I took were of the Chocolate Dirt cake that Bonny brought from the Hyatt. That thing was SINFULLY delicious! It wasn't too sweet and all that chocolate was offset by the strawberries laden on top. I resisted bringing ANY of it home with me. Just didn't need that temptation.

Since this is all about documenting my everyday life, I also took a picture of my DS Lite and the few games I have. I play that thing everyday. It's nice to come home and do something mindless like play "Super Mario Bros".

Monday... I took a picture of the front of the gym. You can find me there from 5-7pm Monday through Thursday. My classes don't actually start till 5:45, but there's parking and/or a bike for cycling to sign up for to consider. Plus, I get to be sociable with my gym friends beforehand.

Tuesday...pictures of the time I left for work and 5 minutes before school ended, the cubbies in my temporary classroom that contain all our necessities, the shoes I wore today.

I also put aside a thank you card I got from a friend on Monday and a note from The Scrapping Spot that I got today to include in my album.

Totally random stuff...but I love it!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday stuff:

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Mindy said...

Hey, Vera! I'm doing the exact same challenge right now, too! Good to see you again :-)