Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday to do list

TO do....
1. pray the men drilling holes in my walls outside finish F.A.S.T. They're installing 2 aluminum typhoon shutters. Don't know why those 2 windows NEVER got them before. The other windows of the house have had them for years. I'm having flashbacks from last year's home renov.

2. pay lab bill. love ins. caps on annual physicals. $200 cap doesn't begin to cover a complete overhaul. i was just @ the lab yesterday paying another bill. what's up with sending out multiples? charge me all at one time for the SAME visit on the same bill, please. Gas may have decreased but it's still $3.59 a gallon.

3. go to ross and return the jacket i bought for my mom. one of my thousand aunts has one that fits my mom. so... back to ross the other jacket goes. my skin begins to crawl at that store. i only walk on the outer aisles. in between, especially the clothing aisles? forget it!

4. call about a hair cut for my mom. pray the lady isn't there because i don't feel like sitting in their uncomfortable chair today waiting for her.

5. get lunch in there somewhere. something fast=something totally bad for me. bring it on.

6. do another load of laundry (or two or 4...). didn't want my underwear flapping in the wind while the men were here assaulting my ears. See #1 if you are confused.

7. maybe do a run to kmart to get a playpen for auntie patty... i'll be on the road anyway and i can always find something else to buy.

8. maybe a nap? went to bed passed midnight so getting up at 8am isn't sleeping in. There was a time in my life where i could be wide awake at 3am. Not anymore.

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