Saturday, December 27, 2008

The day after Christmas

We've been in Tucson for eight days now. Today is the first day of crappy weather. It's been raining and all around dreary. UGH. But, it is colder so that's good. For me, at least. It justifies lugging all those long-sleeved articles of clothing including the fleece pullover and the wool coat. Great shopping in the electronics department, but clothing-wise, it's been a bust. Two pairs of bermudas and a shirt at Target for all of $15.00 + tax. Got the new macbook...I had more butterflies in my stomach leading up to that purchase than I did when I got my new car last year. I also finally spent that birthday money Auntie Margaret gave me earlier in the year and bought a Canon XSi! Wow. Love that camera!

I turned 35 on Sunday. Do I feel different? No. I don't look 35, that's for sure. I'm lucky to look 22 on a good day. I should be thankful to my good genes! Today is a lazy day so I have no clue what we'll be doing. Maybe hit the mall?!?!? Hmmm....

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