Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's time to go home when....

...the weather starts turning crappy. I have this theory that the weather turns crappy ON PURPOSE when I'm at the tail-end of my vacations so that I will want to go home. Crazy, huh? But, it almost always happens to me. It was cold this morning. Cold enough that I was wearing long-sleeved t-shirt, a hooded cardigan and my wool coat and still had to sit in the car with the heater on to warm up. I thought we were going to go do tourist-y things today, but the old people are too damn cold! I had to get out of the hotel room so I headed to Michael's and browsed. Bought more crafty things. We did go outside a little while ago to walk around the PARKING LOT. I ended up taking pictures of my mickey mouse crocs, the bushes outside the hotel, the ashtray full of butts. I guess I'm ready to go home and play with all my new toys...the mac book of course is already getting lots of mileage. I've been playing with my camera with the 50 mm and kit lenses. Still haven't played with my zoom. I also ended up with with bamboo fun tablet.

Dominic and I went back to the apple store to return iwork. His copy installed on my computer so no need for another one, right? I wanted to get Photoshop PSE for mac. They had a whole bunch on Sunday. Last night...not one single copy. Only bundled in the Bamboo fun tablets. For just a few more dollars + tax, I left with a bamboo fun tablet. When it comes to electronics and crafty things, I scored big time on this vacation. Clothing? A bust. Plus, the tax.'s what I don't miss about living in Seattle.

Patsi was supposed to drive in from Vegas to visit today. But, her boss is sick in the hospital with no family around so she kinda had to stick around. Bummer for me. I was looking forward to catching up with her.

Our bags are pretty much packed. All is left the clothes on our backs and toiletry bags. Yeah, I'm ready to go home.

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