Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally...a moment to scrap!

I left work early today for a doctor's appointment. Holiday indulgences were not kind to me, but then again, I knew that would happen. Eating out for EVERY meal for 11 days is not for the faint of heart. Must get back to healthy eating. Overall, the news was good. The doctor wasn't too concerned about the weight gain. On the plus side, it might also be due to the weight training I've been doing. Muscle weighs more than fat... sigh.... BUT......... I still came home with a prescription. No fever. No pain. No chills. Nothing. I've never had so many ear infections until I became an adult. After brief scans through my file, the doctor said, "Yes, you do have Eustachian tube dysfunction." Asymptomatic. No cure. No surgery for it. I don't fit the profile for any corrective procedures since I'm freakin' old. Lovely. Two pills a day for five days. And get this, I can't have any dairy 1 hour before or 1 hour after I take the pill. This on a three-day-weekend. Perfect.

But, it's Friday. The day of the week where my creativity peaks! I got a moment to scrap and use my December 2008 Scarlet Lime kit.

1 night only

Continuing Project 365.....


We have idiot roosters on this island that crow at night, during the day, really any time but sunrise. It's not unheard of to have stray chickens around here.


My $5 brown purse that I bought in the Philippines in 2007. I can almost fit my Canon XSi in there. Maybe if I take off the lens.

I'm trying to find the best possible way to tote my XSi around with me without carrying the camera bag. Maybe I'll get one of these. I don't know what wrong with my little fuji "purse" point and shoot camera. From what I've read on-line, it might be a CCD sensor problem. I'm going to let it vegetate unused for a while and see what happens, but it's probably going to end up in camera heaven. One and a half years..... sigh.

Off to find some dinner. An omelet sounds good......

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Candace H said...

Vera, LOVE your layout! You've gotten some great Project 365 photos this year!