Sunday, January 18, 2009

Using a kit and more project 365

I have scrapbook kits coming out of my ears. Not really, but it sure feels like that. I decided to pick one kit and use it this weekend after reading this post at Willow Traders. So far, I have 3 layouts and 2 cards made and I still have a bag full of stuff. The first layout can be seen in this post.

Here's #2:

Lucian at exactly 11 months (January 1st).


GASP! Allie is the MVP of the IIAG all-island team. Would have never known if I hadn't read the sports page of the paper. So like Allie not to say anything...just like when she won the school-wide Spelling bee. Sigh...

card #1(6x4)

I used a Becky Fleck card map for the challenge at Caardvarks

card #2 (gift card)

Project 365


The children's waiting area at the Toyota service department looks more inviting than the adults' section. Where's the fairness in that? Should have bought the Lexus for the massaging chairs.


Love my new MacBook. Worth EVERY dollar I spent on it.

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Leah C said...

awesome photos Vera.. love the gears on that table.