Saturday, March 07, 2009

i feel so lost......

Several months ago I bought all seven seasons of "The Gilmore girls" from amazon. Yes. All seven seasons purchased in one fell swoop. It was a stellar moment the day I came home from work and found a box from amazon sitting on the dining table. Whatever frustrations I had from the day washed away seeing that box. Although I was giddy with anticipation of sitting down and watching my long-lost "friends", it took me a while to actually open the first season. Why? The sooner I opened it, the sooner I would get to finishing it. Did not want that to happen. And, now it has.

I have spent weeks on end watching every single episode of "The Gilmore girls". Those DVDs have been my saving grace on bad days, insomnia riddled nights and momentary battles with kiddie cooties. I actually finished watching the tear-filled last episode of the series a few nights ago and I have been bereft since then. I want to know if Lorelai and Luke FINALLY got married. I was happy that Lorelai and Christopher got their chance at being together, but Lorelai and Luke were just meant to be. I want to know if Rory ever hooked up with Logan again because of all the boys Rory dated, Logan just seemed right for her. I just want to know all about my friends in Stars Hollow. How deranged do I seem?!?!? No, don't answer that. "The Gilmore girls" was just some good wholesome fun that made TV watching something to be proud of (at least for me). Sigh.

Now what will I do when my mind is racing a mile a second at midnight!!?!? Maybe another foray into the episode watching is in order..... if only I didn't let Toria borrow season one.

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